Cheap London Escorts Sexy Tips

Many women actually don’t know what makes them sexy. Cheap London escorts are definitely experts in this field as they all know how sexy they are and how to use their assets. There are all sorts of sexy escorts at the agency. There are curvy and soft ladies with big bums and smooth curves. There are slender ladies with sexy defined abs. There are tall ladies with sexy long toned legs that look great in a miniskirt. There are busty ladies with voluptuous assets who definitely know how to dress them up or down if you know what I mean. The point is that there are many women to choose from at the agency for whatever takes your fancy.  

Now each sexy escort has a unique Assest that they take pride in and know how to exsentuate to make them not only feel sexy for them selves but harness to make money. So you can definitely have faith in the fact that they are experts in sexy.  

So when I asked the ladies at cheap london escorts what makes me sexy I was totally thrown back when I heard their reply. The ladies told me that I actually have more than one thing that makes me sexy. Jenny started first and explained that my ocean blue eyes are sexy and she could help show me how to do my eye make up to help them stand out. Louisa continued by telling me that I have the cutest waist line and luring wide hips that gives me a classic Coca Cola bottle shaped body. She said I should only ever wear tank tops and low waist jeans which I gasped at as I have a little pooch on my lower stomach. But according to Louisa that is sexy. Alexa told me that  my lips are luscious and some lip gloss will help them pop out. 

I have to admit that with all these comments I was shocked. I never noticed the assests the girls pointed out that I had. And I never considered them sexy. To be fair especially my poochy belly I actually hated. So the girls from cheap london escorts showed me how to do my eye make up and what lip gloss shades suited my face. They showed me how to wear tank tops and what type of jeans will show off my waist line and hips. I have to admit that I was surprised, pleasantly surprised. When I looked in the mirror and for the first time looked sexy.  

What I realised looking in the mirror was that although I was pleasantly surprised with how sexy I looked I was also anxious to walk out in public with this new look. Louisa had a private word with me and encouraged me to go for a walk with her. I went and as we walked everyone was starring at me I even got a few wolf whistles. When we got home I thanked the ladies from london escorts for all that they had done. I felt amazing. And now I realise that what makes me sexy is actually confidence.